Quality at first glance and first click.

Whether you want a website that is crisp, striking and clean … bold, dynamic and adventurous … fun, creative and whimsical … or somewhere in between, Frog Interactive Media will create a Web presence that reflects the value, prestige and individuality of your company.

Presentation Matters

For many brands and businesses, style is substance, instantly identifying who you are. Using existing design as a foundation, we create a strong visual presentation that will:

  • Elevate your brand
  • Define your value
  • Differentiate you in an overcrowded market

Interactivity is Key

We want our work to not just look polished, but to feel polished. A seamless, enjoyable interactive user experience is our goal. Our technical approach is structured to directly support this.

Development: Adobe® Flash® and HTML Hybrid Design.

Adobe® Flash® has long been the favorite technology of designers for easily creating rich content, fluid motion, animations, transitions and seamless interactive experiences. However, a few weaknesses in the technology have usually confined its use to small page elements, advertisements or videos. HTML, the proven Web standard for stability, functionality and search engine accessibility, is the preferred framework for websites.

Frog Interactive Media fuses these two technologies, leveraging the advantages of both. This allows us to freely imagine, design and create. Allowing you to have the website you desire, without concern of compromising important Web functionality.