Project: Website Redesign

Involvement: Art/Creative Direction; Adobe Flash Development

contracted to Shepherd Interactive

When the restaurant chain Burgerville approached us, they were struggling with the presentation of their brand, as well as with an aging website.  We were commissioned to design a site that reflected Burgerville’s ethos of “Fresh, local and sustainable.”  The site needed to invite users to not just explore the site or the Burgerville restaurants, but also their neighborhood and the regions where Burgerville sources its local foods and participates in community events.

We settled on a design based around a panning landscape showcasing Burgerville’s local feel, its local food and sustainable outlook.  One fun addition to this project was our ability to update this interactive environment.  When the Pacific Northwest was hit by unusually heavy snows, we were able to supply Burgerville with a seasonal variation: the same panning landscape, now covered with snow!