Evergreen Aviation & Space Museum

Project: EASM Website Redesign

Role: Creative/Art Director; Information Architecture; Flash Development.

contracted to Shepherd Interactive

The home of Howard Hughes’ legendary airplane, the “Spruce Goose,” the Evergreen Aviation & Space Museum in McMinnville, Oregon, found that their website had fallen into disrepair.  Rapidly expanding and very popular, the museum needed not just a website update, but an engaging, clear statement that they are a world-class museum. 

The technical challenge was not simply to create an inviting and attractive interactive site, but to execute a design heavily reliant on Adobe Flash-based motion and transitions in a CMS-compatible manner, while avoiding the pitfalls of an all-Flash site. 

The solution was a unique layering of Flash and HTML, developed in partnership with back-end developer, Jeff Wu.  This unique blending of technologies resulted in a site that is simultaneously fully Flash and fully HTML.  Built on a Web crawler-accessible .XML structure, the Flash site is as SEO-friendly as a pure HTML site; through Flash/JavaScript interaction, it is linkable, bookmarkable, and has functioning browser Next and Back buttons.  In short, the Evergreen Museum site behaves exactly as a regular HTML site, but with a greatly enhanced user experience.