The Green Grid

Project: Power Configuration Efficiency Estimator

Involvement: Adobe Flash Development.

A rollercoaster ride of a project!  Frog Interactive Media was originally contracted through a local agency to do front-end Adobe Flash development for a pair of interactive calculators for the nonprofit industry group, “The Green Grid.”   The calculators required extensive back-end communication with databases of electrical components; the ability for the user to create custom components and arrange components in series; graph configuration power output and efficiency; run side-by-side configuration comparisons; and ultimately save the work and output PDF documents of the results and graphs.

Regrettably, before the project was complete, the agency went bankrupt and was dissolved.  The Green Grid approached FIM directly to finish the work.  Partnering with the developers at Shepherd Interactive to re-build the back-end components, we were able to get the project back online and functional in two weeks.  The final result was met with great praise and excitement from the client and its internal user base. 

For a closer look at this project; please visit its case study