Services & Capabilities

Cutting edge custom web design

Frog Interactive Media offers end-to-end Web design, development, deployment and content management system (CMS) integration.


We specialize in Adobe ®Flash ®/HTML hybrid websites. This allows the level of interactivity of a pure Flash site - without the usual pitfalls and shortcomings; while enjoying the benefits of a pure HTML site.

  • Case Studies: Examples and in-depth explanation of the hybrid technology and its benefits
  • Portfolio: Work samples, developed both independently and in partnership with other companies and agencies

Web Design and Development

Design and development can be scaled for a variety of company sizes and needs. We can create everything from small yet powerful websites for smaller companies that need a strong Web presence, to large companies that need multi-hundred page sites that do not compromise the richness and prestige of their brand image.

We can help you with:

  • Evaluating your Web presence needs and goals
  • Business Web strategy
  • Creative concepting, design and development
  • SEO optimization
  • Parallel mobile site creation
  • Analytics integration
  • Personal maintenance or integration with enterprise level/open source content management systems (CMS)

Flash Demos and Animations

FIM specializes in Adobe ®Flash ®animation and development. Our experience and skill allow us to rapidly develop powerful presentations, product and trade show demos, and Flash microsites.

Banner Advertisements.

From complexly interactive rich media ads to exiting animated standard media buys, FIM has the experience and expertise to design and build your banner campaign. We can build big or squeeze every last drop out of that pesky 40 kb limit.

Flash Stand-Alone Tools.

Flash is still the most effective tool on the market for building a wide variety of widgets and tools, both on and offline. Need to graph complex diagrams? Build interactive calculator tools with dynamic displays of data? Beautiful product simulators? Custom video players? In any situation in which your data or product needs to be presented both accurately and attractively, we can help.